"Lan Tung inhabits a space of paradox: as a soloist and collaborator, a performer and composer, she sits at the crossroads between the East and the West, innovation and tradition." - La Scena Musicale, Dec 2011


"Beethoven would be shocked to see one of Lan Tung’s musical scores. They are recipes for improvisation that include symbols of hands, rain drops, her brother’s painting of a mountain and crazy lightning lines...” - the Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS, Oct 2013


董籃即興二胡 揉合傳統現代 (Erhu in improvisation combines tradition and innovation) - 世界日報 World Journal, Oct 2013


"Lan Tung, on the erhu…sending its knife-edge cadences cutting through the air like the song of a coyote on a winter's night. She intrigued her listeners when she demonstrated the uncanny similarity between the human voice and the sound of her instrument" - Coast Mountain News.


About Lan's composition "Dancing Moon", on Orchid Ensemble's 3rd CD "Life Death Tears Dream"

"Lan Tung’s vocals on lyrics by a Tang dynasty poet set the narrative stage evoking an energy-filled moonlit nightscape: a celestial stream flowing through an ancient forest of clouds swirling over green mountains. It’s well worth repeated listening". - Andrew Timar, Pot Pourri, Jan 30, 2013


About Lan's composition "Asian Market, Chapter 1: China", on Birds of Paradox’s self-titled CD

"... mixes discordant cries, half-heard conversations, the rattle and clatter of traffic, and the whirring and clanking of mysterious machinery into a startling, abstract portrait of a Beijing streetscape. Even if you’ve never been to the Chinese capital, it’ll put you there" - Alex Varty, Georgia Straight, July 8, 2010


About Lan's composition "Traveling with My Sixth Sense" at the Sonic Boom Festival

" a structured improvisation ... The theoretical - and theatrical - considerations behind the piece are complex... Lan's attempt to harness the power of intuition paid off in a piece that showered listeners vivid blocks of tonal colour." - Alex Varty, Georgia Straight, March 2004


About Lan's performance on the Orchid Ensemble's CDs

"Ensemble leader Lan Tung performs on the erhu, a two-string stick fiddle that, despite having only one pair of strings, creates strikingly vast sounds. The opening 'The Winged Horses of Heaven', an ode to the explorative 13th Century general Zhang Qian, shimmers gorgeously with Tung's precise show(wo)manship". - Derek Beres, Sing Out, The Folk Song Magazine


"Lan Tung performs on the erhu, …creates strikingly vast sounds.., shimmers gorgeously with Tung's precise show(wo)manship" - Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine, by Derek Beres


"The trio of musicians bring vast experience and wisdom to their performance often weaving the Chinese zither and Chinese violin with percussion from varying traditions" – Patty-Lynn Herlevi


"Orchid Ensemble's leader is North Vancouver's Lan Tung, who breathes life into the CD's selections with her mastery of the erhu " – North Shore News.


"One of the brightest blossoms on the world music scene is the aptly named Orchid Ensemble, whose exotic and beautiful sounds are rooted in the Chinese tradition but also incorporate elements of New Music and Jazz.”- Georgia Straight


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